Founded in 1998 the company and its principals adopted a spirit of innovation and wonderful customer service. Action Funding brings a dynamic approach to every situation; transacting with us is straightforward, fast, reliable and cost-effective, with a minimum of red tape.

Real Estate Sales Commissions Advances: is among our highly commended and innovative cash flow solutions. Lengthy settlements have made Commission Advances a most essential form of cash flow funding for agency principals or sales representatives.

Supply Chain Finance: a most sought after form of finance. We pay your suppliers, freeing up cash, and then debtor financing the invoice when you supply your customer.

You’ll be amazed at what Action Funding can do to help in Funding Your Success.

Why US

Funding Your Success

Managing cash flows can be stressful. Management and staff are highly experienced and committed to provide outstanding service to all our clients. Our processes and procedures are the best practices recognised in the industry. We’re always there to support our clients. Ask around, and you’ll hear the praise.

Our Team

Walter Rapoport

Walter has been involved in business, finance and consulting for over 30 years and has a Bachelor of Economics degree. His vision in developing a model for cash flow funding of sales commissions for the real estate sector has been highly commended throughout the industry.

Possessing outstanding leadership and a strong analytical mind Walter is directly responsible for setting and maintaining standards within the company. His focus and dedication have taken the company forward in a highly competitive market. His exceptional management skills have seen him successfully oversee countless successful outcomes for Action Funding’s clients.

Walter also likes keeping fit – and good Scotch.

Rael Ross

Rael has fifteen years’ experience in the financial and accounting services industry. He has a Bachelor of Accounting degree and is a qualified CPA. Amongst other businesses, Rael has established a management consulting firm and has also worked in a range of CFO roles. His comprehensive commitment to client services is much admired by all clients.

Rael is setting new benchmarks and has developed a name and reputation in the cash flow funding industry. Building lasting partnerships with clients and a commitment to excellence is Rael’s recurring mantra.